Who are we?

We specialise in Life Coaching, Mediation and Communication. 


  • Targeted communications services for workplaces.
  • Targeted communications for individuals.
  • Life coaching for individuals seeking or managing change.
  • Mediation and disputes resolution to promote constructive solutions.


  • Dynamic personal development.
  • Change management and improving wellbeing.
  • Problem solving and negotiation.
  • Conflict resolution using positive strategies.
  • Improving communications in the workplace.
  • Building on the positive.
  • Identifying areas for improvement.


  • We provide online and personal coaching services.
  • We provide in-house programmes.
  • We use mediation and disputes resolution.
  • We provide invaluable aid for conflict situations.
  • We cater for workplace communication strategies.
  • We cater for workplace courses.

Find out how Communicaid can help you:

  • Strengthen relationships.
  • Build and work within effective teams.
  • Manage  and solve conflict.
  • Understand what makes others tick.
  • Manage and improve all areas of life.
  • Set goals – achievable targets for enlarged visions.
  • Manage change on a personal and career scale.
  • Engage and improve communication skills.
  • Provide writing and facilitation services.


Denise Murfitt (Director)

Life Coach (member of ANZCAL)

Communications Consultant
M.Ed., B.A., Dip. Tchg., Cert. TESOL.

Life Coach: As an accredited member of ANZCAL and a professional life coach, Denise is equipped to help others manage positive change in their lives. Strategies include identifying blocks and finding suitable pathways for personal and professional progress.

Communication services: Seminars, packages and skills development for businesses and individuals can be provided or developed for those who wish to improve their performances. Development of presentation skills, effective business writing, technical writing, report writing and general literacy are all areas where employees and managers can benefit.


Rob Murfitt (Director)
LLB (Hons)

Member of AMINZ – Mediation and Arbitration
FairWay Resolution -  Accredited Contractor

Mediator: After fifteen years’ experience as a judge of the District Court, doing work in the Family, Youth and Criminal jurisdictions, Rob is now in private practice as a mediator. 

Mediation experience: In his professional role as a lawyer and then a judge, he has had wide experience in the mediation of disputes relating to property and childcare.

Mediation availability: Rob is a member of AMINZ. Although he is based in Christchurch, he is available to accept engagements throughout New Zealand.

Communicaid can improve interpersonal skills between individuals and enhance workplace culture.

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