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Mediation Services

When conflict arises in business, with authorities, in employment situations, or within a family context, a calm and steady process for resolution is required. During a relationship breakup personal feelings can run high around the division of resources.  In addition, procedures and decision making with regard to parenting and custody of children can cause an escalation of the problems already in existence. Not only will the process of mediation resolve these issues constructively but through good management techniques, clients can learn and adopt positive strategies to prevent further difficulties.

Mediation Services Include :

  • Disputes resolution strategies
    Finding a solution to suit all parties.

  • Providing a framework for negotiation
    Understanding all issues. 

  • Specialist legal knowledge; 
    An expert with decades of experience.

  • A focus on personal, family and property concerns
    Specialising in long term management.

  • Finding solutions for conflict situations
    Providing guidance and expertise.

  • Learn from conflict to create harmony
    Guiding principles for the future.

Life Coaching

Through the use of transformative insights and conscious strategic thinking, we can be empowered to make constructive and even dynamic changes in our lives. Using a life coach is hugely beneficial in this process. Finding ways to assist in reconfiguring our thinking strategies and unleashing possibilities for change is fundamental. For everyone, unleashing the greater potential to provide and maintain a plan to shift gears and navigate around existing impediments is a key element to fulfilment and long term wellbeing. These principles can be applied to the workplace environment, general goal setting and time management, by improving and managing relationships in all parts of life and good practice around career development and change management.

Life Coaching Services Include :

Identifying, developing, and setting positive goals, 
on a personal basis.

Career vision: 
See the highway ahead and a map to the destination.

Improving performance: 
Identifying strengths and applying strategies.

Strategies for change: 
Dealing with personal blocks and inaction.

Stepping up to challenges:
Developing mental stamina and confidence.

Understanding the processes and guiding principles.

Communication Services

Communicaid offers assistance and also provides a service with communication skills in all fields either for individuals or businesses.

Communication services are targeted to improve communication and presentation skills, enable better writing for a variety of purposes, including business English. Communication services are ideal for writing skills and tutorials for the workplace, facilitation, and for providing assistance for migrants wanting to improve their English language skills.

Communication Services Include :

  • Report writing tutorials: 
    For technicians, labourers and professionals.

  • Business writing: 
    Efficient skills for the corporate sector.

  • Presentation skills: 
    Build confidence and get that message across.

  • Workplace relationships: 
    Strategies for team building.

  • New migrant English language packages: 
    Workplace English.

  • Writing and facilitation services:  
    We can provide services for you.

Communicaid can focus on building strength in presentation and writing skills.

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